vineri, 13 decembrie 2013

Sarah Moon si Barba Albastra

Cu gandul la filmele experimentale ce ruleaza zilele acestea in Bucuresti ( si dupa intalnirea cu lumea lui Terry Gilliam (pusa pe ecranul cinematografic pe strazile Bucurestiului), pasul normal si firesc este facut in lumea imaginata de Sarah Moon. Fie in fotografii, fie in experimente cinematografice. 
Doamna fotografiei are si astazi o privire calda si patrunzatoare de nu-ti dai seama daca te priveste modelul de altadata sau creatoarea de fantasme pe Polaroid. Un autograf pe o carte de colectie cantareste greu in raftul bibliotecii.
Dar filmul atasat albumului mi se pare fabulos pentru lumea imaginata de fotografa. In 17 minute de film suntem coplesiti de atata creativitate, parca luata de la cateva generatii de regizori.

Alte date de pe net:
Published in 2006. Artist Book. The artist/photographer's collection of photographs inspired by a classic fairy tale. The first and only edition. Published in a small and limited print run as a hardcover original only. The book is now rare. There is no ISBN. The book is now rare. An austerely elegant production by Sarah Moon and Yoshitomo Kajikawa: Regular-sized volume format in square shape. Pictorial hard boards with black titles embossed on the cover, black cloth quarter boards, and shiny black titles embossed on the spine, as issued. Photographs and accompanying text by Sarah Moon. DVD of film version encased in its own protective plastic sleeve and pasted on the back. Printed on thick uncoated stock paper by the Nissha Printing Company in Tokyo, Japan to the very highest standards. Without DJ, as issued. Presents the artist/photographer's evocative, gossamer, and luminous re-interpretation of Charles Perrault's "Bluebeard's Castle". This marks Sarah Moon's second homage to the great storyteller, whose tales are ultimately about our deepest fears (her first, "Little Red Riding Hood", is a modern photography classic). Fairy tales have been a major source of inspiration for Sarah Moon throughout her career, and have resulted in some of the most eerily, disturbingly, and tragically beautiful photography books of our time. Moon also produced and directed a film version for this particular re-interpretation. "Le Fil Rouge" revisits the terrifying Bluebeard tale, a re-telling in Medieval terms of nothing less than the Biblical fable of Adam and Eve: The loss of Innocence, The danger of Knowledge, and the fatal risk of defying God-The-Father. Children learn about wonder, shock, and cruelty through fairy tales. Sarah Moon creates haunting fairy tales for grown-ups, the fairy tale as omen. Like the images, the film version has the pull of a dream. It is not an exaggeration to say that it recalls Ingmar Bergman ("Cries And Whispers" as well as "Fanny and Alexander") in its power and beauty. A "must-have" title for Sarah Moon collectors. This copy is very prominently, neatly, and beautifully signed in black-ink pen on the title page by Sarah Moon. It is signed directly on the page itself, not on a tipped-in page. This title sold out upon publication and is now collectible. As far as we know, this is the only signed copy available online and has absolutely no flaws, a pristine beauty.  A rare signed copy thus. 45 plates. Winner of The Grand Prize of the Bologna International Book Fair in 1983 for "Little Red Riding Hood", the only photographer ever to win the award.

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